About Label D

Label-D was founded by jewelry artist Daria Lutskevich in Minsk, Belarus in 2012. The Bog Oak in our product line inherits its black colour from being beneath the surface of the water for centuries. Our breath-takingly beautiful oak is drawing upon its history in a contemporary manner. Our niche product line presents the dedicated individually handcrafted accuracy of craftsmanship and design.

Whilst we cater for high street market needs, our aspiration is to design and develop bespoke authentically hand-crafted pieces of jewelry that will be worn with a personalised touch and feel for many generations.

Our Philosophy

Our bespoke relics seek to enhance a harmonious relationship between Bog Oak and the humanity. The beauty of our each dedicatedly worked on pieces stretches far beyond the materialistic world.

Our pieces are desperately attempting to connect with our world to promote real happiness that goes beyond what your eyes can see and striving towards what you feel deep inside of your soul. We find beauty in everyday routine – in talking, touching, kissing, listening and creating. Label D is not about us.

It’s about you and world around you. It’s a wearable history in which each piece captures your moment and imagination in embodying your own desired and personalised concept.

We continue to work in making our environment and world a safer place to live in more than one way…